Cow Brushes

Benefits of our Cow Brushes include: improving the health of cows, the massage increases blood circulation, increases herd performance, increases the rate of utilization of feed and increases milk production.



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Gimbal cow brush Gimbal PCB Card - Cowcare Systems
Gimbal PCB Card Sale price£162.75
Gimbal replacement bristles - Cowcare Systems
Gimbal replacement bristles Sale price£252.00
Roto replacement bristles
Roto replacement bristles Sale price£252.00
Gimbal Cow Brush replacement Sensor
Roto Brush PCB Card - Cowcare Systems
Roto Brush PCB Card Sale price£162.75
Manual Cow Brush  - Cowcare Systems
Manual Cow Scratch Brush Sale price£168.00
Gimbal brush replacement cable - Cowcare Systems
Gimbal replacement cable Sale price£52.50
Gimbal cow brush motor - Cowcare Systems
Gimbal Cow Brush Motor Sale price£252.00
Gimbal Cow BrushGimbal Cow Brush  - Cowcare Systems
Gimbal Cow Brush Sale price£966.00
Comfycow replacement bristles
Automatic Gimbal Cow Brush  - Cowcare Systems
Automatic Cow Brush (Complete) Sale price£1,018.50