Scraper System

The Cowcare Rope Scraper, introduced to the UK market in 1998 remains No.1 in both UK sales and reliability.

This simple yet highly robust installation, features two drive units per system, powered by 0.55kw geared motors.  The heart of the system is our specially formulated Ultra-Glide rope. Even after all these years, no other rope has been proven to out-perform our Ultra-Glide rope.



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550mm Winch Frame - Cowcare Systems
550mm Winch Frame Sale price£280.00
550mm winch rotor - Cowcare Systems
550mm winch rotor Sale price£448.00
700mm Complete Winch unit inc Motor and gearbox- Cowcare Systems
700mm Winch Frame - Cowcare Systems
700mm Winch Frame Sale price£302.00
700mm winch rotor - Cowcare Systems
700mm winch rotor Sale price£476.00
900mm Complete Winch unit inc Motor and gearbox - Cowcare Systems
900mm Winch Frame - Cowcare Systems
900mm Winch Frame Sale price£330.00
900mm winch rotor - Cowcare Systems
900mm winch rotor Sale price£498.00
Replacement Acetyl wheel - Cowcare Systems
Acetyl wheel Sale price£96.00
Replacement Scraper End Stop - Cowcare Systems
End Stop Sale price£51.00
Replacement Gearbox mounting Flange - Cowcare Systems
Gearbox mounting Flange Sale price£174.00
Gearbox Only
Gearbox Only Sale price£230.00
Replacement Hardox Blade Lifting Teeth - Cowcare Systems
Hardox Blade Lifting Teeth Sale price£14.00
Replacement Horizontal corner casing - Cowcare Systems
Horizontal Corner Casing Sale price£68.00
Horizontal multi-directional corner roller - Cowcare Systems
Replacement Pair of 500mm Scraper Wings - Cowcare Systems
Pair of 500mm Wings Sale price£129.00
Replacement Pair of 700mm Scraper Wings - Cowcare Systems
Pair of 700mm Wings Sale price£146.00
Pins for scraper wings (Pair)
Pull BeamReplacement Scraper Pull Beam - Cowcare Systems
Pull Beam Sale price£140.00
Slat Lugs for installing components  - Cowcare Systems
Slat lugs Sale price£17.00
Stainless Steel D Spindle for Horizontal roller - Cowcare Systems
Replacement Stainless Steel Spindle - Cowcare Systems
Thunderbolt M12 - Cowcare Systems
Thunderbolt m12 x 100 Sale price£3.00
Vertical Corner Casing - Cowcare Systems
Vertical Corner Casing Sale price£84.00